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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hear from the wife of the victim. high levels of lead in the drinking water dc public schools. parents are demanding answers and tonight, dc leaders are answering questions in a fox 5 exclusive. problems at the prom. >> i always been like this. ever since i was little. >> why this teen says it's unfair that she was kicked out. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with new details about the maryland man suspected of killing three people in a shooting spree. thanks for staying with us. i'm sean yancy. >> tony perkins. 62-year-old eulalio tordil made his court appearance today. a judge ordered him held without bond. >> he's suspected of killing his wife gladys we learned she a protection from abuse order against him. tordil used a gun in the spree that he was previously ordered to surrender. >> the next morning, tordil shot three people outside it's
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an attempted carjacking, 45-year-old malcomb was killed. >> a short time later, tordil shot and killed ma lien in a during another attempted carjacking outside a giant grocery store in aspen hill. investigators think he lost his glasses while he struggled with melina and that's why he didn't leave the scene. he was arrested few hours later across the street. marina marraco was at a vigil tonight held for the victims. she spoke to the widow of the man killed at a time montgomery. >> reporter: these families now left to pick up the pieces. the victims from friday's shooting had no connection to their alleged killer. >> i can't believe this happened. >> reporter: it's been three days since three different families were struck by tragedy. >> i'm going to miss her a lot. she was very nice. she was a very sweet person. >>
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dead in last week's shooting spree that spanned prince george and montgomery counties. >> he was a hero and i'm proud to know everybody can see what a hero he was to me and my family. >> reporter: thursday police say eulalio tordil shot and killed his estranged wife gladys as she was picking up her children at high school high. nearly 18 hours, tordil managed to evade police until they say he turned up here at the montgomery mall friday morning. >> just come out of a training session for active shooters ironically. >> norma within if he would called her husband mike minutes before he was gunned down to tell him about an active shooter training she just attended. >> i remember telling him telling us to run away from danger. he wouldn't have listened because that was the man he was. >> wind fell and his coworker carl unger
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hospital. were about to treat themselves to lunch when they heard a woman cry in the parking lot? when they look back they ran towards her to help her, wind a high point high graduate. knew of the deadly shooting but his wife said he had no idea who eulalio tordil was. >> prince george's county had released a picture of this man sooner making the public aware? >> absolutely. absolutely. not only that, but given that he had protective order of his wife, i believe that he should have been disarmed. i'm disappointed that not more was done. i'm truly disappointed. she wouldn't have been hurt. my husband and the other person wouldn't have been killed. the police knew what to look for but the police there had no one to avoid. they didn't know when a to avoid. >> in the immediate aftermath of gladys tordil's murder, investigators labeled the homicide as domestic. prince george's county pleas say their informaon
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tordil was a danger to himself and officers, but not to the general public. >> it was very rapid. it was unfolding quickly. easier i think in hindsight to say what could have happened or should have happened. >> and here at the macy's parking lot a growing for all four of friday's victims. the victim's right foundation here in montgomery county which organized tonight's vigil will be taking donations through the end of the month to he want had the surviving families impacted by last week's shooting spree. live tonight from the montgomery mall marina marraco mar. matthews bishop shared illegal pictures on twitter. he faces ten counts of can child porn possession but could also face more charges. >> to the district now, we've been reporting on the high level also of lead found in the drinking water of public schools. for the first time city officials who are under fire because of the controversy are speaking out.
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exclusively to them tonight. >> water tests are underway on every water source at every dc public costume. only after parents accidently found out about the high levels from tests done months ago. it appears officials don't have any kind of long-term solutions. >> focusing on how do we never do this again? and an apology for making that failure and for causing the pan you can and scare that some parent are feeling about this. >> an apology from both the deputy mayor of education and director of general services after parents were left in the dash about dangerous lead levels at dc schools. dgs does those tests and failed to alert the school district of their findings. >> we were testing and taking actions, we were not reporting it and we needed to do that. i apologize for that. that has been something we focus on to correct. >>ol
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made. nor vigilance and testing and communicating. still nothing to address the broader problem. that tests over the years keep finding cases where school water is dangerous. in most extreme case, according to the findings, water at an elementary school was almost 600 times greater than what's considered safe. >> what our experts think is likely is a part ankle from so you diderring or some other part came through the source, which is why we if a filter on it. if there's ever another particle it gets caught. >> water filters are only used when unsafe levels are found. we asked, is it time to put a filter on every drinking fountain in every school? the answer, the focus now son is on testing. >> once the summer comes, we can step back and ask questions more broadly about some of the bigger policy questions. >> is the issue cost maintenance? why can't be that a reality now. >> the reality now is we need to
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thousands? 4,000 samples? in a five-week period. >> the centers for disease control says even low levels of lead can cause irreversible brain damage in children. >> i think we have to characterize the plumbing in dc schools as a hazard. >> we spoke to virginia tech researcher who first uncovered the water crisis in flint michigan. he also exposed the one in dc years ago. >> i think it's time to implement a bottled water policy for drinking water or to install filters on selected taps in the schools, so that students can be certain that when they fill theory west bottles and get water, they're not being exposed to excessive exposed to excessive lead. >> they're offering free blood tests. at this point, no child has been found to have concerning levels of lead exposure. lindsey
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many of you woke up and found a mess on metro. on the orange blue and silver lines near the stadium arm ri station, a fire broke out while crews were at the time of thing a pouring of track that underwent weekend repairs. good news is no one was hurt. in the meantime. of metro gm stopped by fox 5 to address the recent fires and issues and his ambitious plan goat metro back on track. >> terms of the financial impact, clearly, there will be a financial impact. you know, if you're reducing the service in effect. but i'm weighing that against, again, both the safety and reliability need we have to solve. we cannot continue, i think what we've been doing for decades and not addressing that. we have to take the cost now both in terms of the inconvenience for customer, the financial part of it and if we don't do this, in my estimation, we continue the panel we've been on for decades. metro
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plans by may 16th. they're now suing the maryland transit authority. the class action a alleges the mta is short changing them on the purchase price for the land needed to construct the purple line. they only need to take a portion of their property but montgomery county residents are upset because they claim their property values will decrease if that happens. they're concerned about the safety also of their children. >> police in fairfax county are investigating a string of rim thefts, they're asking for your help. detectives released photos of a vehicle they believe was involved in the thefts, they say more than 20 incidents have been reported since february. the thieves appear to be target suvs, large body trucks and core vets. most of the cases have been in the fair oaks area. anyone with information is asked to call the police. still to come a driver's license make
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changes that you will soon see after at break. coming up this high school students getting nationwide attention after she was banned from her prom. wait until you hear why and we'll hear from her and tell you how the school is responding. >> take a look at this, that building is about to be demolished. the photography thinks he has the perfect shot. wait until you see what happens next. that story is up a little bit later. >> you hooked me with that one, tony. this is coming from the category of please don't blame the messenger but i want to know i expect it to be wet for tuesday morning. there will be drier hours in the afternoon but looks like we will be adding to our total and tomorrow should be day 14 with measurable rain in dc. we'll be right back. k.
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. incredibling video gone viral. highlights had the dangerous of drowsy driving. dash cam video of a car from australia. whic
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left-hand side of the street. he fell asleep at the wheel. you can see the car starting to drift cras the road. there were no cars coming in the other direction. the car hits the curb. it violently crashes sending it into at a tree and sending the camera and the driver tumbling out. luckily the driver survived, decided to share this video as a warning. if you are nodding off, do not keep driving. >> wow. maryland is giving its driver's licenses a make over, new design has cutting edge security features to protect against identifies theft and counter fitting. some features include laser text and image engraving and a bar code to verify the card was issued to the card holder. the new cards also feature iconic symbols. if your current license is still valid you do not need to get a new one until it is up for renewal.
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licenses was in 2003. . she was band from attending her prom friday because she wore a tux instead of a dress to the dance. s school officials told herrera attire violated the prom dress code. she claims the school's decision was unfair because she always wears pants and that her classmates have accepted who she is. >> always been like this, ever since i was little. you wouldn't catch me playing with barbie dolls. a lot of oh girls' dresses, i'm not saying that all of them are this way but they do show a lot of skin. i think i'm dressed modestly. >> the school released a statement saying the prom dress code specified girls must wear formal dresses. also stated students who failed to follow the dress code would not be allowed inside. here's the deal. i agree with rules being rules but you know what? what if girls wanted
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pants? there are dressy pant suits girl wear all the time. why do girls have to wear dresses. >> probably change it to say must wear formal wear, that could be any number of things, and she could have worn a tux like she had on. a tornado in colorado gave these teens a prom picture they will never forget. take a close look. that is a monster twisted behind them. the couple says it touched down while getting ready for big dance, when they found out it was a safe distance away, they decided to pose for a photo in front of the to storm. the picture quickly went viral. >> i'm sorry. not going to be posing with a tornado behind me. >> if it's that far away, i would do it. >> so would i. i would dream -- i would be so excited to get a photo like that some day. i dream about that. >> #weather nerd. >> i notice she had is that clear sneakers on. she was ready to roll. that is a great photo. it was pretty far away. i can see
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people raising eyebrows. >> we're tired of rain and gray weather. is it going to continue. >>, yes it is. sorry. all right. we are going to be adding to our record as you have already leered. we were pretty dry in march and april, we've been making up that deficit in a big way. not every day is a gully washer. we have maybe a few hundred hundreds here and there, this is now our 13th day in a row with measurable rain and we are going to make it 14, probably 15 as well. it will not be as soggy this week and slightly warmer but we will have wet periods and month re dry hours than wet periods, but one of those will be tomorrow morning, we can see we have clouds now. notice the moisture starting to push up through southwestern virginia. that will expands overnight. i think the morning commute will feature rain again, not really heavy but enough it might slow you down a little bit. the pattern is one in which we've had these frontal boundaries running out of
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right along the virginia north carolina border. areas of low pressure right along along them and bring showers, that will start tonight down to the south and push into our area as we get closer to the morning rush for those showers around. we'll also be cool again tomorrow because of the position of that high bringing in the northeast flow. that is very stable air mass, so we don't get thunderstorms out of that but we certainly do get the clouds, the clam mi damp feeling and have the showers around in the morning a break in the afternoon and second round tomorrow night. the futurecast is helpful in giving you that idea. when to expect the rain and you can see when it begins to develop and pushes in from southwest to northeast. could be more moderate rain dropping across central virginia. that first wave starts to push out by the noon hour. of we're beginning to dry out. and maybe the evening commute is drier. we're hoping that will be the case. you can also see that batch is beginning to cook up and we
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try to push in. the second ba isn't as widespread. temperature miraculously went up by one degree 11:00 to 61. most places are in the 50's. those temperatures will not drop and we'll be in the 60's tomorrow as we continue that northeast flow. but couple warmer days this week. a couple of dayses in the 70's, wednesday, thursday and friday. here's your temperature trend. we're way below average. average is 74. tomorrow 65 then we can get warmer days in here. friday, may also feature rumble of thunder, although not a lot of severe weather. that high will get a off the coast and changes our wind direction but will keep the front lurking around. as it continues to meehander down to our south, we will have sounds of showers rumble of thunder thursday and friday. dry thursday, couple showers here and there, friday the best chance for some thunderstorms and even a few showers on saturday at
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we're a little cooler but dry for sunday, looks like another nice sunday like this past mothers day, and monday a couple showers, a temperature of about 69. a little bit of a broken record but there are positive signs including some warmer days ahead. that's your weather forecast, jim, over to you. >> get umbrellas; right? lots of umbrellas. you can buy a lot of umbrellas, this guy strawsberg on the mound. sealed the deal on a massive new contract extension, it will be seven years, $175 million. we will spare you the instant dwight freak-out about what this will do about bryce harp. strawsberg on the mound, 6-0 on the, he went seven plus innings also surrendered a couple of two-run homers. martinez in the fifth, happened about five minutes after the tweet went out about the extension, tigers up 4-1. bottom of the 6th. >> daniel murphy, what a
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he's been having in that uniform, a 2-1 shot to right field. an rbi and single the 16th game of the season don't look now he's the major league's batting leader. natting tying the game. bottom of 9th, danny espinosa hassing in to say as bryan knight. that's bryce harper out of the game. two pitch puts later, pinch hitter clinton robinson coming to bat. he comes through. a game winning walk-off solo homer. three-run deficit 5-4, afterwards there was a question about harper's ejection. >> he certainly don't like him. to get tossed. every once a while. you got to blow off steam or else you go crazy. and so i'm sure it won't happen again. >> don't call it a come back,
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gone throw games for this hit on the penguins. we'll be back on it's ice for tomorrow. six in pittsburgh. caps trailing, a win tomorrow would force the decisive game seven and a playoff hockey is a lot more fun to play than watch. >> lot more nerve racking up there too. when you playing it. have fun with that when you watch. you're pretty nervous. so you got to be back up there tomorrow night. >> the experience on the ice and in the situations and those moments, those are key critical for any team, but i think he can have an effect all the time. >> and that is a look at sports. tony and shawn on the couch you look comfortable over there. >> come on over and join us. >> see you. >> we can look more comfortable. >> yes. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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. a driver intentional tulle video bombed a photography. he thought he had the perfect angle when the building was demolished. boom. . my god. >> keep watching. >> finally pulls away, and oh, what a moment. >> my god. >> that is a great video. >> the photography put the video on youtube anyway and it received thousands and thousands of hits. >> morning live shots go. you have them set up. >> when i go out front i say queue the bus. >> someone honking a horn. >> that's great. that's great. >> that does it for us for tonight. stay tuned tmz is coming next. >> fox 5 morning news starts
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4:25 a.m. everybody. what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: dave matthews probably should not play in north carolina, because this could be a crime. >> boyd and dave bump into each other and boyd literally kisses him right on the lips. harvey: david matthews was blind-sided. >> when somebody kisses you out of nowhere, you're a little bit shocked. how are you going to say no -- harvey: suppose you're walking down the street and zac efron just, boom, kisses you. >> hello, sir! >> mariah carey was a star of a million dollar bat mitzvah. >> mazel tov. congratulations! >> they rented out the entire one oak. mini kanye came out. harvey: that's the celebrity for a million? it probably cost $300,000 to


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